Meeting at FOSDEM, upcoming venues and discussion

Sam Geeraerts samgee at
Wed Jan 23 20:28:50 CET 2013

Op Tue, 22 Jan 2013 22:46:33 +0100
schreef maurice <mho at>:
> 1. I'm planning a meeting of fellows from Belgium and The Netherlands
> at FOSDEM. It will be held on saturday at 13:30u. We will gather at
> the fsfe booth and then find some lunch. If you can come, please do!
> Would be nice to meet some new fellows and see you face to face
> (again).

I'll be there.

> 2. I've arranged for a keynote speaker slot at the Overheid & ICT
> venue [1] in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The keynote will be about
> looking back at 30 years of free software development and what can be
> learned from the way software communities work.

Cool. Will there be video recording?

> 3. There is also a booth at the Overheid & ICT venue [1]. If anybody
> would like to come and help out than this would be much appreciated
> and fun to do! Any help will do, even if it's just for a couple of
> hours at the event. Let me know now/quickly and I'll get you free
> tickets for the event. Also if you just want to come to the event
> without helping out.

Difficult to make that. Will there be more free software
organizations/companies there?

> 4. It would be nice to have a discussion here on this maillinglist
> about the events we would like to arrange this year in the Benelux. We
> already have a couple of suggestions. Like do "something" on the 5th
> of may where there is a freedom festival in the Netherlands.

Does that celebrate freedom in all its aspects or does it mainly focus
on WWII? Should be a good occasion to put software freedom (and DRM
[1]) in the spotlight in any case.

> Also we
> were talking about a TED talk. Then I can imagine that there are a
> couple of free software events we might want to have a booth or maybe
> do a talk. Maybe a meeting in Luxemburg and meet the fellows there?

It would be good to hear from them.

> What do you think? What free software events are there this year that
> you know of? What kind of activities should we plan?

Speaking for Belgium, I only know of FOSDEM. :( Other then conferences,
there's I Love Free Software coming up on February 14th, but that's
maybe short notice to organize anything and I don't immediately have an
idea about what that would be.

> As you can see, a lot has already been planned. I hope this inspires
> you to do the same. Please let me know if you need help with your
> plans or want to participate in these. Help is always needed and very
> welcome ;) !
> I'm absolutely sure we can have a lot of fun promoting free software
> this year! I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks for making a good start!



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