FOSDEM 2013 - call for booth helpers

Karsten Gerloff gerloff at
Mon Jan 21 15:46:23 CET 2013

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 02:25:24PM +0100, rainer wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> May I ask you kindly to tell me who will attend the booth as
> a helper this year? There is no need to be there all the time,
> just announce whether you want to help for some hours.
> Just your name, title and the languages your can talk are
> sufficient.
> This is necessary to provide the name batches and to coordinate
> the last details. A helper mail will follow.
> Allthough we appreciate any help, it is not useful to bring in
> new helpers during the running event, as happened sometimes in
> the last years. They do not know all necessary details, and
> handwritten batches are not looking that good.

OTOH the only way to learn how to communicate at the booth is to
go and do it. As long as there are enough experienced people
around, we should be fine. 

So if anyone reading this is coming to FOSDEM, and has never
helped at an FSFE booth, then you're invited to jump right in!

Re handwritten badges: Hey, it's FOSDEM. No worries there.

Best regards,
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