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Sat Feb 9 12:55:27 CET 2013

Thanks for the update Sam.

Doing something on May 5th could be interesting. One concern (that has 
been mentioned here before) is that liberation day is still a bit tied 
in with WWII, in which we celebrate our being free/liberated in relation 
to not being in war/occupied. Imho it wouldn't feel right to hijack this 
for our own agenda, but I'm not sure this would be the case and I'm  not 
aware of unnamed conventions surrounding this.

Anyway, if we were to do something on May 5th, we might take the yearly 
theme into considiration, which - for this year - can be found on:

> Cool. I stopped buying that a while ago, though. Will those articles 
> be
> available online perchance?
Of course, I will post them on my FSFE blog :). On this note, I think 
it might be a good idea for everybody to add your blogs to the FSFE 
planet (if you haven't already). We can even have a Dutch planet. To add 
your blog posts in your fellowship blog to the Dutch planet you can 
simply categorize them as "Dutch". I know we're multilingual in the 
Benelux, but I think that in order to grow in NL and Flanders we should 
take the people that aren't as fluent in English into consideration like 
many FLOSS-projects have.


On 2013-02-06 22:16, Sam Geeraerts wrote:
> Op Mon, 04 Feb 2013 19:53:40 +0100
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>> Hiya everybody,
>> Sorry for me extremely postponed reply. I've been rather busy. Hope
>> you all had fun at FOSDEM. I would love to hear the stuff you
>> discussed there!
> I was pleased to see Maurice and Mark there. After a bit Rainer and,
> uhm, that other German guy joined us and then Eric with 2 fresh Dutch
> faces. Maurice talked about the Overheid & ICT thing. We pondered a 
> bit
> about possibilities on May 5th and potential other events. The
> importance of this mailing list was stressed. There was talk of a
> meeting in Nijmegen, which some of the German folk might join. 
> Maurice
> took some notes, so he can probably fill in the blanks and maybe even
> produce detailed minutes. :p
> Then Rainer introduced me to some Belgians, immigrants and
> Euro-persons. Guys/gals, if you're on the list already, say hi. There
> were suggestions for a Belgian meeting in Brussels, helping the
> software freedom in education effort and lending a hand to the RMLL
> event. I should have put something on paper, but I believe those were
> the main points.
>> Anyway, I wouldn't mind helping out at the Overheid & ICT venue. I'm
>> not sure I can make it on the wednesday, but the other two days I 
>> can.
>> On a more personal note that might concern some of you: I've been
>> asked to write a column for Linux Magazine #2 that will be based on
>> stuff I wrote on my FSFE blog, so that's nice. I will also be 
>> writing
>> an article for them about hardware hacking a Minitel so that it runs
>> GNU/Linux. I also hope to sell them an article on the FSFE, maybe
>> including an interview with Maurice? (wink wink nudge nudge)
> Cool. I stopped buying that a while ago, though. Will those articles 
> be
> available online perchance?
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