FOSS and TED events

Dutchess spa8blauw at
Sun Nov 18 00:06:33 CET 2012

Hey all,

In case you are unfamiliar with TED, in very short it is an organisation 
promoting philantropic ideas, showcasing all sort of innovation, tech, 
art and design by holding talks all over the world.

As I was watching a TED talk on where someone released his 
invented machine as open hardware and software, it got me thinking.
There are several speakers that discuss open hardware and software and 
the crowd might be an ideal group to promote FOSS to.

  I haven't been to the last TED event in Amsterdam, so I don't know if 
the FSFE organisation had a stand there, but this might be a really good 
crowd. Especially since the NLUUG and T-Dose meetings are mostly like 
preaching to the choir. The curious TED crowd might just be tech-savvy 
enough to be persuaded to give a lot of FOSS software a go. Also having 
a crowd that has all sorts of different backgrounds might be another 
plus. A bigger chance that different groups might start understanding, 
caring or even using Open Source.

The next TED event in Amsterdam (biggest in the Netherlands) is on the 
30th of November. I have not contacted them (yet), but I do wonder if we 
could at least flyer near the entrance. If I remember correctly, someone 
in the organisation is a Linux engineer, but even if I am mistaken the 
FSFE seems like the kind of organisation they'd be open to.

Anyways, what do you think? Good idea?


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