[NLedu] Researching accessibility of Silverlight-based websites

Guido Arnold guido at fsfe.org
Tue Nov 29 18:14:44 CET 2011


On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 02:13:54PM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> >>
> >> 1. a decent list of Silverlight-based websites where you have a
> >> combination of text-based information and multi-media, but mostly
> >> text-based (as that would ensure the validity of the research for
> >> Magister);
> >
> > How to we get such a list? I met a few people working on
> > accessibility at FSCONS, one of them visually impaired. It would be
> > good to have such a list before I contact her and ask for some
> > testing. But maybe she already knows that it is painful to use
> > Silverlight.
> We have to start looking for those site. I'm afraid I don't have a
> list available. Any help on this is appreciated. I could ask around
> among students that need to use Magister, maybe they can cooperate
> with your contact. Can you ask her if she is available for testing?

Sure. I am hoping that I can get the email out today or tomorrow
morning. After that, I will be offline until December 11.

Please keep us in the loop if there are any good web pages to test.


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