[NLedu] Researching accessibility of Silverlight-based websites

Karsten Gerloff gerloff at fsfeurope.org
Fri Nov 25 11:49:10 CET 2011

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 06:58:09PM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> The accessibilty argument might work in our favor. In 2010 a study was
> done about the accessibility of websites of tertiary education in the
> Netherlands. A similar study was done in 2006 and the 2010 study
> showed that no progress had been made in making the websites easier to
> use for students with visual impairments. As a consequence the then
> minister of Education decided to change the law for higher education
> and make accessibility one of the items on the inspection list. I'll
> be talking to one of the lead researchers next week and see what
> possibilities there are to expanding the study to all educational
> institutions in the Netherlands.
> But it isn't essential for the legal campaign. The question came up
> whether we could strengthen our case if Silverlight also hinders
> people with visual impairments. That way we have a larger group that
> runs into issues with online schoolbuildings due to the use of
> proprietary webtechnologies like Flash and Silverlight. But we already
> have doubts about it as well. I just wondered if it would be possible
> to do some tests and check whether the issue has substance at all,
> before we throw it out ;-)

agreed, it's important to consider all possible angles!

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