Mailing list + microblogging (was: Re: NLedu campaign plan, draft)

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Fri Nov 25 11:13:42 CET 2011

* Guido Arnold <guido at> [2011-11-24 02:44:58 +0100]:

> How about creating a dedicated list for this campaign? 

I asked our admins to create nledu at If you decide not to
use it for the overall campaign, than we can use it that you can reach
all people from FSFE who are working on this topic.

> > It would be nice if all #nledu tweets and dents could appear there.
> noted.

I'll ask Nico to help us here.

> I think if we announce this list as THE Point Of Contact, it should
> have a designated person who monitors incoming inquiries and ensures
> that they get answered in a reasonable time frame (+ a backup person)

I agree.

> Creation of a mailing list shouldn't be a problem. If you don't think
> that Mailman is a too high barrier for participation, that's an easy
> thing to set-up at FSFE I dare say. 
> Karsten, Matthias, please slap my fingers if I am wrong!

No you're right :)


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