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2011/11/24 Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org>

> Hi Jan,
> (taking off coordinators@)
> * Jan Stedehouder <jan at stedehouder.org> [2011-11-24 07:27:47 +0100]:
> > I hope you don't mind sending out various messages now about
> > 'things-to-do' for the 'Unlocking education'-campaign. It will make it
> > easier for me to track what stills needs to be done and who is working
> > on what ;-)
> Absolutely not.
> > We would like to ask a few people to test Silverlight-based websites
> > with various accessibility tools that are available for users with
> > visual impairments: screen readers, braille readers, read aloud tools,
> > et cetera. Yes, I am aware that this might necessitate working with
> > Windows, Internet Explorer en Silverlight as well ;-).
> I have some doubts about this: if we start with the usability argument,
> it is very easy to counter it by showing us websites which are not
> working for this group which else are Free Software friendly. They can
> also say "yeah we have to improve this, but you just have to give us XY
> EUR, and the sivlerlight solution will take care of that".
> Yes, it is a way to attack the current system. But in our experience it
> was not good to get people to use Free Software or to buy Free Software
> with arguments like cost, usability, etc. So I would like to focus on
> the arguments which are specific to Free Software / Open Standard.
> What do you think?
> Matthias
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