[NLedu] Online workspace for the Dutch team

Martin Gollowitzer martin at gollo.at
Thu Nov 24 09:02:02 CET 2011

Jan Stedehouder <jan at stedehouder.org> wrote:

>Hi Martin
>2011/11/24 Martin Gollowitzer <martin at gollo.at>:
>> Jan Stedehouder <jan at stedehouder.org> wrote:
>>>Good morning,
>>>We've discussed the need for a better online workspace within the
>>>Dutch campaign team. So far we took a very pragmatic approach, using
>>>mostly Google Docs, but we lacked -for instance- a central repository
>>>for documents we gather to build our case.
>> Why not use FSFE's etherpad installation?
>Etherpad is fine to collaborate on new documents, but -correct me if
>I'm wrong-  I believe it is less suited to store PDF-documents or
>maintain semi-static/ wiki-like pages.

Ah I thought you needed a collaboration tool. If you need a VCS, you can ask our system administrators to set up a subversion repository for you.


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