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On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 09:08:26AM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> The campaign plan is currently of overview of things to do. As for the
> time plan, it all depends on the amount of help that is available. So
> far the moral support is great, but hands-on support is scant. When
> someone stepped forward to take care of one of the campaign items,
> I've added it to the plan.


> Yes, Gijs and I are in contact. In the upcoming edition of Linux
> Magazine (Dutch edition) he will write an article about the campaign.


> > The archive of the advertised discussion list shows the last email
> > from August 1st. Is it true that this campaign hasn't been discussed
> > there? Not even announced? If this is true, I admire Jan even more,
> > Jan, but it also makes me sad that you had to do everything all
> > alone...
> Well, not everything. Mark and I spoke this weekend and he will

Hm, ok. My concern was that we ask people to subscribe to the list to
get involved. On the same page, this public mailing list is listed as
the means to contact us. I think this is kind of problematic.

I think we should also provide a contact where people can write to
without being exhibited to the whole WWW. Also, if we claim that this
list is the place where all the info is gathered, it doesn't look too
promising when the last post is from August. 

How about creating a dedicated list for this campaign? 

> With the risk of offending our pacifist friends, but most of the work
> that needs to be done is stacking up the ammunition for the next phase
> of the campaign. Favorable PR alone won't pursuade parliament to pass

:) to stay in the picture: you mean that "stacking up the ammunition"
means also to get as many people as possible "combat ready"? How are
we going to do that without making a big fuzz about it in the media?

> It would be nice if all #nledu tweets and dents could appear there.


> >
> > I think it is time for another news item on the campaign page. Do we
> > have something to report?
> The next item will be the second round of questions to the minister of
> Education.

OK. Just keep us posted. Preferably ahead of time :)

> > I just joined the fsfe-nl mailing list as suggested by the campaign page.
> > Is it ok to post in English there?
> It won't be a problem for me ;-)

:) That's good to know. I was just thinking about the random
visitor who decided to sign up because she is interested.

I think if we announce this list as THE Point Of Contact, it should
have a designated person who monitors incoming inquiries and ensures
that they get answered in a reasonable time frame (+ a backup person)
> A substantial group of supporters have signed the petition with the
> option to receive updates. I'll need to create a mailing list and will
> then approach them. Basically I'll use any platform that is available
> in the shortest time possible with the lowest barrier to
> participation. A simple Google form would be sufficient for the first
> gathering of information.

Creation of a mailing list shouldn't be a problem. If you don't think
that Mailman is a too high barrier for participation, that's an easy
thing to set-up at FSFE I dare say. 

Karsten, Matthias, please slap my fingers if I am wrong!

> > CP >5. Writing a whitepaper on alternative tools for the online
> > CP >   schoolbuilding that use Open Standards and allow for
> > CP >   vendor-independent access;
> >
> > Please forgive my ignorance, not being a silverlight user myself, what
> > is it what the current system is doing? What services/functionality
> > needs to be covered by the alternatives?
> >
> > Once I have a list of the functionality, I can ask aground.
> >
> I think it's up to the people who write the whitepaper to analyze both
> Magister and Silverlight before compiling a list of alternatives. What
> it does now is:

So, there are already people working on the whitepaper?

> - Calendar
> - Publishing grades
> - ELO
> - Homework assignments
> - Communication with teachers
> - Projectteams
> - Student portfolio
> - HR information
> - Financial information
> (in Dutch)

Can I send out emails asking for alternatives for the liste above without sabotaging
the campaign?
> >
> > CP >6. Writing a publication for educational institutions on how to
> > CP >   broaden their curricula with vendor-independent skill-sets;
> >
> > That's a tough one. But it would be great to have! Do we have
> > qualified pedagogic people on board? I think we can ask around
> > throughout Europe again. Don't you think? I have a couple of groups in
> > mind to ask.
> >
> Please do approach them. This is a publication that would benefit from

Will do.



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