[NLedu] Online workspace for the Dutch team

Jan Stedehouder jan at stedehouder.org
Thu Nov 24 07:37:22 CET 2011

Good morning,

We've discussed the need for a better online workspace within the
Dutch campaign team. So far we took a very pragmatic approach, using
mostly Google Docs, but we lacked -for instance- a central repository
for documents we gather to build our case.

Yesterday we opened a collaboration space on the Pleio website. Pleio
is an initiative by the Dutch Civil Servant 2.0 movement and is build
in Elgg. The good thing is that we can decide which information can me
made public, or limited to just a few people.

The URL for our space is:


Personally I wouldn't mind if we keep using the FSFE mailing lists for
the international fellows, to complement the work done by the Dutch
team. Nor would I discourage using the Pleio workspace, but as far as
I can see there is no option to choose another language for the
interface (which might make it difficult to use for non-Dutch


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