NLedu campaign plan, draft

Jan Stedehouder janstedehouder at
Tue Nov 22 21:07:39 CET 2011

Hi Sam

> Thank you very much for getting a campaign started on this important issue.
> As far as I know, Google Docs is non-free software [1]. It's a bit strange
> to be using it for a campaign against proprietary web technology. I believe
> FSFE teams regularly make use of Etherpad [2], which is perhaps a tool more
> suitable for the job. I haven't used either so far, so I can't compare
> functionality.

You might be aware that this is completely an accidental campaign, one
that got more traction than I anticipated after writing a column about
the Magister/Silverlight-issue. Since then we are running around to
make sure we keep the momentum going, building something of a campaign
organization, informing the various media and making sure parliament
asks the right questions. So basically I grab whatever tool for
collaboration and co-creation that is easily available, as long as it
can be used by whomever wants to help out. I don't have an
Etherpadserver running at the moment, but if one is made available I
won't mind. ;)

The campaign pushes for the use of Open Standards and
vendor-independent access to online educational environments. Google
Docs is non-free, but it can be used by anyone with a webbrowser and
an internet connection, plus a decent tool to export your data (thus a
limited risk of vendor-lock).

I do hope it won't prevent you from providing feedback on the campaign
plan itself :)



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