NLedu campaign plan, draft

Sam Geeraerts samgee at
Tue Nov 22 21:07:11 CET 2011

Guido Arnold wrote:
> I just joined the fsfe-nl mailing list as suggested by the campaign page.
> Is it ok to post in English there?

I suggest using the fsfe-bnl list instead. To my knowledge, fsfe-nl is 
meant for speakers of Dutch, with Dutch as the preferred language. The 
archives show that it's not very active.

Fsfe-bnl was created for the Benelux area, with English as the preferred 
language [1]. So it reaches 1 more country and speakers of 2 more 
languages, a step up if you want to take this campaign to a European 
level. The list is also more active and you're actually using it already 
(it's how I got this message).


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