NLedu campaign plan, draft

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Tue Nov 22 13:33:18 CET 2011

(I have removed the coordinators@ list, as this is mainly for Fellowship
group coordinators. I am currently offline, but I'll read the campaign
plan soon.)

* Jan Stedehouder <janstedehouder at> [2011-11-21 09:08:26 +0100]:

> > The first thing I noticed was that there is no dutch translation for
> > it. Is this being worked on?
> I thought there was some work being done on the translation, so I
> focused on other tasks.

Mark, do you have information here?

> > I'd open a ticket for our web-team, but I don't know if some of this
> > is intended. What is supposed to be shown there?
> It would be nice if all #nledu tweets and dents could appear there.

As far as I know you cannot agregate hashtags. What you can do is: nledu
user subscribes to people who dent about that e.g. Jan, Mark, Guido,

Guido can you add a ticket and ping Nico on it additionally to that?

> > Jan, is there any way we can help you here?
> I'd like to hear what is the FSFE experience here. This is my first
> campaign ;-)

But you are doing very good!!! I cannot say how the education team can
help, that's Guido's and Thomas' task. 

>From my side, we will help to make sure there is a website which is
running, translations of information, distribution of the information
through press releases, follow-up with journalists, raising more
awareness for this campaign in Europe. When there are tasks, which can
be done by volunteers outside the Netherlands (like technical research),
we will motivate others to participate here. 

Beside that I will follow the campaign, and give you a notice, when I
think something can be improved. Beside that I am confident that you,
Mark, the dutch Fellows, and the edu team will run this campaign
successfully. You already did an amazing job!


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