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Hello all,

After being busy for so long and re-prioritising and cleaning up my
to-do list, I am finally with you on this campaign!

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 10:43:18AM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> I've started the work on the campaign plan for the coming months. The
> first draft is online (in English):

Looks good to me. Enough to start and get active! :) 
What I am missing is a kind of time plan and an overview of what's
being worked on right now to eliminate duplicate work. More comments
> Arjan el Fassed asked us to actually draft the next round of questions
> for parliament, so I created another document as well in order to do
> this (in Dutch):
Considering the work you've done so far, I trust that the dutch
speaking members of this campaign will do a great job again.

Speaking of Arjan el Fassed: Has this been shared already:
(second paragraph "School software")

which brings me to: Are you in contact with Gijs Hilenius? He seems to
be dutch speaking and he publishes a lot on

Back to the campaign itself:

I just had a look at the campaign page:

The first thing I noticed was that there is no dutch translation for
it. Is this being worked on?

The archive of the advertised discussion list shows the last email
from August 1st. Is it true that this campaign hasn't been discussed
there? Not even announced? If this is true, I admire Jan even more,
Jan, but it also makes me sad that you had to do everything all

I didn't go through the whole donation process, but it seems that it
doesn't allow to specify that the donated money is dedicated to this
particular campaign. Is this intended?

The Microblog widget shows only one dent by Jan labeled 
"Twitter / janstedehouder" 
a click on that makes the notice disappear - nothing else.
a click on the time stamp below brings you to the actual dent.
a click on the icon in the widget brings you to the fsfenl group which currently contains one posting. And that's not
the one showing in the widget. 
the microblog widget itself is not labeled

I'd open a ticket for our web-team, but I don't know if some of this
is intended. What is supposed to be shown there?

It happens that I am the very first and only follower of the fsfenl
account on Is it possible that we promote it a little more? 

Whoever has access to that account should add some tags and join the
fsfe group and possibly other groups which might be of interest. Our
dents will only appear in other groups when that account is a member
of them.

I think it is time for another news item on the campaign page. Do we
have something to report? 

I just joined the fsfe-nl mailing list as suggested by the campaign page.
Is it ok to post in English there?

Now to the points of the campaign plan. I'll quote the to-do items 
as (CP):

CP >1. Reaching out to organisations for students, parents, teachers,
CP >   consumers etcetera;

That's mainly meant for people in NL, correct? Who is working on this?
Is there a way, people from outside NL can help here?

CP >2. Involving students and parents by actively engaging them via
CP >   various social media;

What's being done here?

CP >3. Increase presence of the campaign in education, i.e. making sure
CP >   we are present and visible at educational conventions and seminars;

Do you have a list of upcoming conventions and seminars? Any specific
plans to show up there?

CP >4. Compiling a list of schools that use proprietary webtechnologies
CP >   and closed standards, and the real consequences this has for their
CP >   students;

How did you reach the 900+ supporters for the petition? Do you think
you can motivate them to report such incidents? Where to? To the NL
List as well? How many dutch speaking activists do we have at hand to
act upon reported incidents?

CP >5. Writing a whitepaper on alternative tools for the online
CP >   schoolbuilding that use Open Standards and allow for
CP >   vendor-independent access;

Please forgive my ignorance, not being a silverlight user myself, what
is it what the current system is doing? What services/functionality
needs to be covered by the alternatives? 

Once I have a list of the functionality, I can ask aground.

CP >6. Writing a publication for educational institutions on how to
CP >   broaden their curricula with vendor-independent skill-sets;

That's a tough one. But it would be great to have! Do we have
qualified pedagogic people on board? I think we can ask around
throughout Europe again. Don't you think? I have a couple of groups in
mind to ask.

CP >7. Researching (and publishing on):
CP >    1. the accessibilty of all online educational environments
CP >       (in line with:

I can't read the linked article, but accessibility is going to be a
tough one, too. I was told that there aren't many Free Software
programs that can compete with their proprietary counterparts. I
really have to do some in-depth research here and I am going to write
a separate email on this to edu-team@ anyway. I learned a lot about
accessibility at FSCONS. If there is anybody here who has a deeper
knowledge on this, please ping me!

CP >    2. the use of open standards in educational procurement;
CP >    3. possibilities with existing law and regulations to mandate
CP >       the use of open standards in education.

I take that you are working on this with your lawyers?

Next paragraph: 2. Pushing for legislation

CP >What needs to be done?
CP >
CP >   1. Supporting parliament with the next round of questions for the
CP >      Secretary of Education;

I understand this is being worked on.

CP >   2. Lobbying with the various members of parliament, informing them
CP >      about the need for new legislation;

Any specific plans here? I saw that the list of arguments has been
translated. Great stuff! Is there a way, non-NL people can help?

OK, I am leaving the campaign plan on google docs again and list some
remaining points from my notes:

An earlier email stated that there is a "central place needed to
aggregate all info". I understand that
is supposed to fill that. 

How do we feed that page? Who puts more stuff to it when it arises?
Apparently, not every #nledu tagged tweet is reported there. How are
we going to handle this?

Another unanswered question from previous emails I read today is, that
it is "difficult to delegate tasks" and "exchange information".

How can we make the campaign page help here? The mailing list is
obviously not being used to exchange information. So, I assume Jan has
been coordinating and answering every email all by himself.  

Jan, is there any way we can help you here?

Another quote from eariler emails:

  we need a campaign site with static information about our goals (why,
  how) and about how to participate (a student suggested to provide some
  instruction on how to approach schoolmanagement). It would be good to
  be able to pull in social media updates and to publish regular
  updates.  The pick-a-task thingy indeed is on my wishlist. Finally,
  some tool for people who wish to donate. So far it wasn't necessary to
  raise funds, but once we go to court we will need it. And I suspect
  the entire campaign will incur costs sooner or later.

We fixed the part with the static page. Is there any work going on on
the "instruction on how to approach a school management"? 

The regular updates can be done by the microblogging widget on the
campaign page, but it has to be used!

I like the idea of the "pick-a-task thingy" a lot. Any ideas how we
can implement that?

The funding issue is addressed earlier in this email. I think it
should be possible to donate for this particular campaign.

So much for today. Looking forward to your responses. 



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