weer een vertaling , utf-8?

Sam Geeraerts samgee at fsfe.org
Sat Nov 19 11:41:38 CET 2011

I've attached my translation suggestion, mostly based on Deb's version.
Motivations for some changes:

* Intro:
- Offer vs. respect = community edition vs. no non-free version

* Sharing:
- We agreed on "niet-vrije software" in an earlier discussion.
- I hesitate to include the comment about the fines, because it implies
that "verkeerd" in this context means "unpragmatic" rather than "morally
- "De inzet" = commitment; "het inzetten" = making use of.

* Learning to program:
- "c.q." means "more specifically", not "and/or". "Possibility" is
redundant anyway.

* Learning to use software:
- English speakers are stuck with the unmeaningful "spreadsheet".
Luckily, we have "rekenblad", which at least gives some clue about what
such software does.
- Compounds with a word group must be concatenated [1]. I don't consider
"vrije software" to be a proper noun.
- OpenOffice.org is dead, long live LibreOffice.

* Dependency:
- "Daarbij gaat men voorbij aan het Vrije alternatief, dat door een
wereldwijde community veelal belangeloos is ontwikkeld.". I agree that
this sounds positive. However, my understanding of the corresponding
English paragraph is that it wants to show that non-free software is bad
   (which inherently involves some negativity) and subsequently show that
free software is good. The part about society argues that the mindset
which the copyright industry likes to encourage (e.g. the
we-assume-you-are-a-criminal tax on storage hardware) can affect how
people think about other areas in life.

* Easy to administer:
- I worked around "use-cases" instead of trying a straight translation.

* Hyperlinks:
- I translated the texts so that non-English speakers at least have an
idea of what they're about (even though the actual text may not be
available in Dutch).
- I found that some of those resources were also available in Dutch, so
I linked to those instead.

[1] http://woordenlijst.org/leidraad/6/7/

Sam Geeraerts

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