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We have been at spring conference NLUUG

Started at 8:30 . Rainer already had everything set up!
We met a lot of knowable people like :
    - Adriaan de Groot (former Netherland coordinator)
    - Jan Stedehouder (keynote speaker)
    - Jeroen Dekkers (Fellow)
    - Jelle de Jong  (Fellow)
    - and a lot of anonymous people who hopefully will become Dutch Felows

The booth was very well received. It was very good that native Dutch speakers
joint at least.

<h1>Mark Lamers, Jelle de Jong and Jeroen Dekkers officially proclaimed the 
Dutch Fellowship Group!</h1>

Mark Lamers  will act as coordinator and Jelle de Jong as his fall back.

We agreed on:
- We really should have a meeting - that is very important. Everybody can start a
  meeting. Wwe should hold at least two meetings a year.
- Mark tries to organize first meeting with Jan Stedenhouder.
- We agreed connecting with other organisations. Trying to play the part of the
  spider in the web (2.3).
- Jelle asked numerous practical/technical question. Rainer pointed him to some
  other People inside FSFE or will solve the issues.
- We agreed to take over the organisation of the booths at The Netherlands.
  Jelle will take care for a small assortment of fan articles and info material.


Mark Lamers
Jelle de Jong
Jeroem Dekkers
Rainer Kersten

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