Language (was: FSFE promotion on festival(s) on May 5th?)

Rainer Kersten rainer at
Mon May 2 21:57:37 CEST 2011

On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 05:43:13PM +0000, Jelle Hermsen wrote:
> I'm all for English. It's about time we admit our linguistic defeat
> and give up that weird gurgling frog speak :).

No! Never! Don't do so! I like it! ;-))

> It's nice to hook up with like-minded people, but is it really
> that useful to set up a booth at nluug?

Just my 2cent: Yes, it is. Your "choir" is never singing with one
voice. ;-)

Sincerely: I started with NLUUG event for I do not know more important
events at .nl. Beside yours (and our) working schedule I think it
is important for FSFE to be visible at relevant events.

The most important contacts I made have happen at events, not in the
WWW, not on mailing lists or elsewhere.

Besides, it is a good opportunity for you to meet, to get experience
in presentating FSFE, acquire new Fellows and to coordinate yourselfs.

> There might be some geeks that haven't heard of the FSFE yet,
> (...)

...and those who heared, might mix us up with FSF or have another
wrong image of us. Believe me - even under geeks there is still lot
of work to do.

> but I think it's better to try to reach the public,
> (...)

This would be great, for sure - but it will never replace booths
at geeky events.


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