Language (was: FSFE promotion on festival(s) on May 5th?)

Sam Geeraerts samgee at
Mon May 2 19:04:37 CEST 2011

Martijn Brekhof wrote:
> Btw, we usually use dutch at this mailinglist. But assuming you do not
> speak/read/write the dutch language, and maybe others do not either, we
> might need to change the default language to english from now on. What does
> everybody else think?

Although it seems like the gravitational centre of this list is very 
much set in The Netherlands, its scope also includes the French speaking 
part of Belgium [1] and Luxemburg. Using English as lingua franca makes 

I checked the FSFE website again and it turns out that there's also an 
fsfe-nl mailing list. Having both of them seems like overkill to me.

While we're on the subject of policy: my vote also goes to proper 
quoting. ;)

[1] And the German speaking part for that matter.

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