[Translators][NL] New donate page: please translate!

Sam Geeraerts samgee at fsfe.org
Fri Jul 15 18:27:17 CEST 2011

Jelle Hermsen wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> Thanks for being so thorough. Do you have access to the SVN? In that 
> case you can commit the changes yourself in the future. I have committed 
> the changes to SVN.

I don't and don't really need it, because it would imply I'll do more 
translation work. It's tempting, but I need to focus on other things.

> I suggest we leave all the names for the donor levels as they are right 
> now. Changing them will not only mean changing the donate page, but also 
> grepping through the entire tree to find all the other pages that need 
> to be updated consequently.


> * "Contributeur" does sound French, in fact it is. Gives the whole 
> donor-levels a tad bit of sophistication don't you think?

Or elitism, depending on how you look at it. Not necessarily a bad thing 
if it brings in the money. ;)

> * Doorlopende contributie" sounds strange, but I think this is the usual 
> way to call this.

It implies that other (lower) contribution levels are less likely to be 
continued. E.g. in the extreme case can be viewed as "if you're only 
giving that much money, you're probably to poor to keep on donating".

> * I don't see any problems with 'naast een donatie'. 'Bovenop' sounds 
> like an anglicism to me.

I think both can be used in Dutch and English. It doesn't matter much. 
My reasoning was that "bovenop" emphasises the value of doing both. Like 
the difference between "You can donate and become a member." and "Not 
only can you donate, you can even become a member!".

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