pdfreaders campaign

Sam Geeraerts samgee at fsfe.org
Fri Jul 15 17:54:34 CEST 2011

Mark Lamers wrote:
>    It would be nice if we can come to consensus on which points we would
>    like to make, Write them out and then glue the letter around that
>    framework. 

My attempt at summary:

= Things we agree on =
1) Terminology: "niet-vrij", "PDF-lezer".
2) Primary focus = free software.
3) Also mention open standards and neutrality.
4) Include a straight reference to an explanation about free software.
5) Keep it simple.
6) Say thank you at the end.
7) Offer support about the issue.
8) Make it a positive message.

= To be discussed =
(--> My comments)
a) Do we mention that non-free software can install unwanted additional 
--> Is this true for non-free PDF readers? If it isn't then they might 
think we're lying/slandering or at least overreacting.
b) Do we keep the advertisement story like in the original letter? 
Martijn said that it comes across as a "don't buy from them, buy from 
us" pitch, in this case politically rather than commercially flavoured.
--> I think the advertisement argument is good for our target audience, 
but maybe we should soften it up a bit.
c) How to convince them that pdfreaders.org is a solid reference. 
Suggested so far: regularly updating the website (visible at the 
bottom), giving contact details, explain about FSFE.
--> Perhaps we should keep it simple and just pull the "I'm so confident 
I don't need to explain myself" card, saying "pdfreaders.org is an 
important resource". If I were them I'd verify that by typing "pdf 
reader" or "pdf readers" into a search engine and the website is ranked 
pretty high for both queries.
d) Can we point to a "comply or explain" policy?
e) Can we point to other policies about free software or open standards 
on a national or European level?
f) Can we give high profile examples that already link to pdfreaders.org 
(like Munich was an example for OpenOffice.org)?

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