[Translators][NL] New donate page: please translate!

Sam Geeraerts samgee at fsfe.org
Thu Jul 14 21:46:37 CEST 2011

Jelle Hermsen wrote:
> The Dutch translation is done. You can find it attached to this e-mail 
> and in SVN. I used the original donate page as a reference. I believe 
> 'patroon' is actually more Flemish than Dutch (in Dutch it's a bit 
> archaic), but it's all over the place in the FSFE site, so it might be 
> best to just stick with it. Gives it a nice Burgundian flair :)

Wiktionary [1] doesn't list the meaning used here, but Van Dale [2] does 
(without linking it to a geographic area). "Beschermheer" sounds less 
archaic, but is gender specific. And "beschermpersoon" is rather forced. 
"Patroon" it is, then.

Btw, isn't it about time you Northeners come up with a term for language 
on your side of the border? Flemish is Dutch to, you know [3]. :P

> Please proofread!

* End sentences in a full stop:
- "... lijst van donoren."
- "... anoniem blijven."
* "non-profit, onafhankelijke organisatie": is ok, but "onafhankelijke 
vzw" sound both more fluent and more Dutch to me.
* "Contributeur": that word doesn't exist. I looked up the English word 
on Wiktionary [4], which linked to the French translation [5], which 
suggests "weldoener" for Dutch. A bit much perhaps. However, "bijdrager" 
does exist [6] and it says what needs to be said, IMO.
* "Doorlopende contributie": if "bijdrager" then "bijdrage". I find the 
English "sustaining" much stronger than "doorlopend". My paper 
dictionary suggests "dragend", "verstevigend", "kracht bijzettend", 
"aanmoedigend", "duurzaam". I prefer the last one.
* "... neem dan graag contact met ons op ...": I think "gelieve dan 
contact met ons op the nemen" is more common.
* "... als alternatief of naast een donatie": "als alternatief voor of 
bovenop een donatie".
* "Als u uw donatie via ...": "Als uw donatie via".
* "Sponsor iconen": I see no reason for a capital. I'm pretty sure it's 
written as one word. I think "sponsorplaatjes" also works, although 
that's rather, ehm, non-Flemish Dutch. ;)

[1] http://nl.wiktionary.org/wiki/patroon
[4] http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/contributor
[5] http://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/bienfaiteur
[6] http://woordenlijst.org/zoek/?q=bijdrager&w=w

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