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Jelle Hermsen jelle at
Tue Feb 22 16:07:50 CET 2011

@Karsten: Etherpad is a great idea! I was going to suggest using just 

I took the liberty of creating a Pro pad. I made @martijn, @ml and 
@rainer admins. You should have more info in your mailboxes.

You can find it at:

E-mail to this list if you want access, the more the merrier I say!


ps: If this e-mail is a bit messed up it's because I've started using 
GNUMail and I made a bit of a mess of the preferences :-)

On 2011-02-22 12:27:52 +0100 Karsten Gerloff <gerloff at> 

> Hi everyone,
> thanks for the excellent meeting at FOSDEM! It was great to see
> you all, and to feel the enthusiasm in the group!
> Since Rainer has already done a great job of providing answers to
> most points, here's my contribution:
> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 02:51:54PM +0100, Rainer Kersten wrote:
>>> Ik neem aan dat het doorzetten van officiele persberichten wel zo
>>> doorgezet kunnen worden
>>> naar nederlandse media. Zitten we alleen met het verifieren van de 
>>> vertaling ;).
>> There is an existing workflow for press releases including a tool for
>> collaborated editing. I think Karsten can tell more about that
>> (as soon as he is well again). Or ask Matze. ;-)
> We have an Etherpad installation here:
> There you can edit documents collaboratively, but they'll be
> public (though people would have to know the URL).
> For a bit more privacy, head over to
> and create a team site (e.g. "bnl"). One or more people will need to
> act as admins and give others permission to access the team site.
> You can then create any number of collaborative documents there,
> and only registered team members will be able to access them.
> So go forth and draft ;-)
> Best regards,
> Karsten

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