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Martijn Brekhof m.brekhof at
Fri Feb 18 18:45:04 CET 2011


On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 2:51 PM, Rainer Kersten <rk at> wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Sorry fo replying in English. My written dutch ehm... is more
> ehm... "africaans". ;-)
>> Binnenkort document freedomday ook in NL:
>> Dat is op woensdag 30 maart. Ik weet niet of het mogelijk is om daar
>> een booth neer te zetten.
> What is the problem regarding a booth there?
I am just not sure if it is possible to run a booth there.

>> Moeten we denk ik Bas de Lange voor contacten.... (Zit hij niet ook op
>> deze mailing-list? ).
> Kan ik niet zien. Elke email adress is dat?
Bas at

>> > 2) Centrale plek om plannen, afspraken, events, agenda's e.d. neer te
>> > zetten:
>> Moet er inderdaad komen. Ik wil voorstellen om bij Soleus
>> ( een VPS te huren
>> en daar dan Drupal op te zetten.
> I would like to recommend wholehartely to check all the existing options
> at A mail to web@ and/or Matthias "Matze"
> Kirschner, the Fellowship Coordinator (mk at will
> surely produce an answer with explainations of all the possibilities.
> Most likely, FSFE _does_ have all technical features you are looking for.
> With highest respect, I can't see the advantage of adding another
> domain with another backend to promote the Netherland Fellowship Group.
> But I can see lot of advantages by being present on the existing Websites
> /Wiki/Planet/Blog/$whatever - especially the advantage of being connected to
> the other groups and activities very close.

Ah, sorry, you are absolutely right. I just didn't look hard enough.
I finally found the wiki and added a page for Nederland:

I think the wiki will do just nicely.


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