[Translators] [Translation][FR] Effective Free Software advocacy

Hugo Roy hugo at fsfe.org
Sun Aug 21 16:42:24 CEST 2011


Thank you, that's great. But I am not sure this page is ready for
publication yet, it's part of a future section and it is subject to many
changes… so the translation will be soon outdated unfortunately.

Anyway, Thank you very much, I am uploading the translation online.


Le dimanche 21 août 2011 à 16:23 +0200, liu qihao a écrit :
> Hi all ,
> just to inform the mailing list that yesterday  Linuxfr.com
> contributor had made  a translation using the framapad (etherpad )
> about the article named "Effective Free Software advocacy" (
> https://fsfe.org/freesoftware/basics/effective-advocacy.en.html )
> the result is published here :
> http://www.framablog.org/index.php/post/2011/08/21/sensibilisation-logiciel-libre
> the etherpad :
> http://framapad.org/free-software-advocacy
> the blog where all started :
> http://linuxfr.org/users/akauffmann/journaux/devoir-de-vacances-non-obligatoire-traduire-ensemble-effective-free-software-advocacy

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