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Mon Jun 23 13:55:04 CEST 2008

I saw this on the bxl-lug list.

It's an unpaid position, but they have resources to cover some travel
expenses, and the email mentions that candidates might be able to find
external funding.

The mail also mentions that they will be organising a meeting of CC-Europe
on the 29th of June in Belgium.  No further details.

  Creative Commons Belgium public lead: we recruit

Belgium was amongst the first countries having adapted the Creative
Commons licenses into Belgium law. The Belgian CC Licenses were
indeed launched in 2004. Many people in Belgium use Creative Commons
Licenses to disseminate their creative works to the public.

 From the beginning, the Belgium public lead for the creative commons 
project is Séverine Dusollier, Professor at the University of Namur and, 
more exactly a team of researchers of the CRID (Centre de Recherche 
Informatique et Droit, University of Namur). Other persons have been 
active in the launch of the licenses (Constant asbl, Digitaal Platform 
van de steunpunten IAK en IBK) and in the Dutch translation (CIR, 
University of Leuven).

In the last years, the Belgium chapter of Creative Commons has not
been inactive, as we are currently working on the version 3 of the
licenses, but has not done much on the promotion of licenses and
other activities related to the use of Creative Commons licenses in
Belgium. Creative Commons Belgium deserves better : the lead of the
project should be restructured and entrusted with new people. The
CRID would continue however to ensure the legal tasks of porting the

The main tasks of the Public Lead would be:

- set up a new website for Creative Commons Belgium
- monitor the creative commons Belgium mailing list
- answer to the demands of  information or assistance regarding the use 
of the licenses
- be involved in iCommons and CC-Europe mailing lists
- be the middle-wo-man between Belgian users of the license, CC Belgium 
and Creative Commons international

Other tasks can be imagined (organise public events around the
licenses, ...) but are not mandatory. Being a Creative Commons Public
Lead also means to belong to an international network and to the
overall Creative Commons initiative. Each year, this network gathers
to discuss the licenses (this year, in Japan, see Every three months, the European Public
Leads also meet to discuss issues around the licences. Financial
resources can be provided to enable travels to such events. Leading a
national chapter of Creative Commons is not paid and is a completely
voluntary job, except if you can find funding on your own.

If you feel interested in jumping in this amazing project or know
someone who would be, send an email to
severine.dusollier at, explaining your motivation and your
experience with Creative Commons licenses or more generally with open
access... Being a legal association would help, namely to be able to
ask for funding. If you feel like taking the responsibility of some
limited tasks, such as the website, it is also possible
We are organising a meeting of CC-Europe on the 29th of June in
Belgium. If you are interested in the CC Belgium Lead, that might be
a good opportunity to see how it works. Contact me rapidly then.

Our idea is to announce the new public lead in Fall and to release
simultaneously the version 3 of the licenses for Belgium.
I am staying at your disposal if you have further questions.
Séverine Dusollier Creative Commons Public Lead on behalf of the CC
Belgium team

Severine Dusollier Professor at the University of Namur Director of
research at the Research Center in IT and Law (CRID)
Rempart de la Vierge 5 5000 NAMUR BELGIUM
Tél: +32 81 72 47 60 	Fax: +32 81 72 52 02
severine.dusollier at

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