Tim Speetjens speet at fsfe.org
Wed Oct 17 07:30:52 CEST 2007

> So, my question is : is there any effort at Smals to promote free software ?
A centralized effort? Not that I know of, but, apart from my Smals
collegues here at RVPONP I don't know that much people from Smals

The only Smals employee that I know is actively involved in open
standards, is Peter Vandenabeele. He works for FEDICT via Smals, if I
am correct.

> To my knowledge, there are a few things going on : migration to OpenOffice, usage of
> many OSS components (but no free one, how strange !) and the "research" dep. is currently having a thorugh look at
> free software.
Don't know about these. Where is this happening?


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