Question about a guy

Stefan Champailler schampailler at
Wed Nov 14 20:55:22 CET 2007

> As a member of SMAL, as I wrote earlier, I strongly suggest that you
> contact the people at who work in public sector and
> try to promote, use and share experience about FLOSS in these
> institutions and especially Oliver Schneider
> <oliver.schneider at> (to whom I spoke about you)

I'll do.

However, as Smals is merely the executing arm of other organisation, it's 
difficult for them (I guess) to be an actor. I guess the aim of Smals is 
simply to build up resources and competences in order to satisfy the demand.

> >A rumor told me that the ISO
> > committee that voted "nothing" for OOXML had only one gov member, somebody
> > from Fedict. Is that guy the ISO one ?
> yes; What is that rumor ?

 (disclaimer : I'm just trying to know a bit more about what happened and 
therefore, it means I don't understand much about things I'm talking about, 
There's no intention of harming anybody or any organisation).

Rumor (a friend working at the "communauté française @ Jambes) told me that 
the ISO committee director (if there's such a person) asked that he wanted a 
absolute majority vote. Since this could not happen because of the 
composition of the jury, the full majority was not reached and therefore 
an "abstain" was pronounced. That is, if the vote happened in a regular 
fashion, a "yes" (or a "no") may have been reached.

Now if you can't speak about the details, then so be it. The rumor will stay a 
rumor :-)


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