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2007/11/13, Stefan Champailler <schampailler at>:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to gather information about the people who are working in the field
> of FLOSS in Belgium and also related to OpenOffice . I do this with the hope
> of finding a little place where I could help FLOSS to thrive, preferably
> close to my job @ SMALS.

Good idea.

As a member of SMAL, as I wrote earlier, I strongly suggest that you
contact the people at who work in public sector and
try to promote, use and share experience about FLOSS in these
institutions and especially Oliver Schneider
<oliver.schneider at> (to whom I spoke about you)

> Does anybody know what's that guy :

> is doing exactly ?

yes, Peter Vandenabeele is a long time supporter of free software in
Belgium, the founder of a company that he now sold, who developped
embedded linux. Peter has been hired by FEDICT to work on the ODF
format , defend and promote it.

> Where he was apparently talking for Fedict.

possible indeed

>A rumor told me that the ISO
> committee that voted "nothing" for OOXML had only one gov member, somebody
> from Fedict. Is that guy the ISO one ?

yes; What is that rumor ?

I attended this Belgian NBN meeting that had to prepare the Belgian
decision to send to ISO. We are not supposed to speak about its
details, but I was not alone representing the free software and open

> (btw, I also heard that the Belgian ISO vote was somewhat not democratic, but
> that's just a rumor, anybody can clear the FUD ?)

what do you mean by "non democratic" ?


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