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Stefan Champailler schampailler at
Tue Nov 13 21:15:58 CET 2007


I'm trying to gather information about the people who are working in the field 
of FLOSS in Belgium and also related to OpenOffice . I do this with the hope 
of finding a little place where I could help FLOSS to thrive, preferably 
close to my job @ SMALS.

Does anybody know what's that guy :

is doing exactly ? He seems to promote OO quite alot.

He gave a talk here :

Where he was apparently talking for Fedict. A rumor told me that the ISO 
committee that voted "nothing" for OOXML had only one gov member, somebody 
from Fedict. Is that guy the ISO one ?

(btw, I also heard that the Belgian ISO vote was somewhat not democratic, but 
that's just a rumor, anybody can clear the FUD ?)

Interestingly, another guy was with him at that opensociety event : Patrick 
Durusau who (according to his homepage) was part of the 

Any links ?

(tell me if I'm off topic...)


Free software, free society

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