Thursday's venu: Au Bon Vieux Temps (Marché aux Herbes, Rue)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Wed Jun 27 18:15:07 CEST 2007

I've booked a corner in a nice quiet pub in Brussels city centre for 21h00.

The name is Aux Bon Vieux Temps, and it's down a little alley just off Rue
Marché aux Herbes.

It should be easy to find Rue Marché aux Herbes.  If you cannot find Au Bon
Vieux Temps, just phone me: +32 477 36 44 19

Here's a map:

Here's a picture of it from Rue Marché aux Herbes:

Here's a website with their phone number and a description:

Here is the best description I can make of how to find Au Bon Vieux Temps:

On Rue Marché aux Herbes you will be able to see a sign, and and there is a
door-sized archway.  After you go through the archway, you are in a little
alley and the door to the bar is about 20 metres in front of you.

I couldn't find any good clear pictures on the Internet, but I found two
pictures that are better than nothing:

The first is a picture that someone took while in the alley, but they are
looking out at Rue Marché aux Herbes.  If they were looking in the other
direction, they would be looking at the door of the bar:

The second is a picture taken on Rue Marché aux Herbes.  In the background,
you can see the round sign of Au Bon Vieux Temps sticking out from the wall:
(It is in the background of the picture; it's a yellowish round sign with
black trimmings, just below the long thing blue flag)

I hope that's enough information - but please write down my phone number so
you can call me if you don't find it.

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