[Free-RTC] QR codes, mobile SIP provisioning, TLS certs

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Thu Jul 7 19:37:33 CEST 2016

Hi all,

One of the GSoC students, Pranav[1], has had a focus on Java, Android
and account provisioning

He has already done some work on a library[2] to allow mobile apps to
quickly deploy accounts from any ITSP

One of the next things under discussion is how to make mobile app SIP
account provisioning with QR codes.

Every vendor of deskphones has their own provisioning system, they are
all quite different.  Some are quite effective, e.g. the way Polycom
puts certificates in every phone to avoid the risk of exposing
credentials during provisioning or subsequent updates.

Pranav can potentially create:

a) a JAR for inclusion in apps like Lumicall and CSipSimple,
Conversations (XMPP) and Jitsi (on both mobile and desktop)

b) a REST service running in Apache Tomcat that interacts with the
client JAR

The question is, how should the workflow be structured?

Has anybody seen anything like this already, either for SIP, XMPP or
other protocols like email accounts?

What should be in the QR-code, for example, should it just contain a URL
or parameters for generating a certificate request?

Once the app starts talking to the URL, what data should be exchanged?

Does the phone need to prompt the user for any data, e.g.a PIN, or can
it all be automatic?

Once the account is initially set up, how will changes to the settings
be deployed?  Should the phone periodically poll the REST server and
accept any changes automatically, or should there be a workflow for the
user to confirm any changes?

I'm thinking that this facility could work for both per-account settings
and maybe per-phone settings, but in the latter case we need to make
sure it can deal with conflicts and let the user override anything.



1. https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications/PranavJain
2. https://github.com/pranavjain/AndroidSIPEnroller

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