Cloud Storage service provider with Free Software?

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at
Wed Nov 8 15:00:24 UTC 2023

Lionel, Joseph, Matthias,

thanks for your additional hints towards Nextcloud service providers. :)

I'm still not decided because Nextcloud is way too much software
for just needing a "network drive" with a bit of storage.
And the extra software parts needs to be maintained somehow.
If I'd be going for nextcould I would try to find a service provider
that pays a bit to nextcloud.

As for the pure remote filesystem clouds my list is
    (claims to have published Free Software )

(not known if they run Free Software on the backend and frontend (if neeeded)) 
for the next three:

  * Strato Hidrive 
  * Dt. Telekom Magenta Cloud 

Suggestions for pure remote file storage (without Nextcloud or similiar larger 
software packages) are still very welcome.
(As always in Europe and Free Software friendly.)


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