Council of Europe's IT is on Microsoft

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at
Tue Dec 12 11:10:45 UTC 2023

looking through some public tenders, I found one [1]
from the Council of Europe and their "development kit" says:

  The application back-end is built in .NET Core 

  SQL Server 2019 must be used for development purposes.

from  DGA/DIT/DTK(2023)07 [2]

which states

  This document presents the Developer's Toolkit, which defines the technical
  requirements for application development at the Council of Europe's
  Directorate of Information Technology (DiT).

so we get some insights in the IT environment in this institution (which is 
seperate from the EU). They use Microsoft's products and the desktop, the 
servers and the cloud, and applications can only be developed using those 

While .NET Core and its compiler and VSCodium ware meanwhile Free Software,
the database is proprietary.



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