[Ebook] Contribute to open source: the right way 3rd edition

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Fri Oct 14 14:37:51 UTC 2022

Hi Daniele,

Am Montag 05 September 2022 10:56:22 schrieb Daniele "Mte90" Scasciafratte:
> I am just writing there, hoping that is not spam, that I published the
> third edition of my free and open source book "Contribute to open source:
> the right way 3rd edition".

it is cool that you put in the effort to share your insights and to help 
to teach more people doing software engineering in the Free Software world!

> I am open to feedback of course :-)

Thus I flipped the pages to give you some feedback.

a) Found a reference to producingoss by Karl Fogel.
   Expected that, good!
   "Other Resources" would deserve its own section
   not in "Conclusion" I'd suggest.

b) The starting chapter "How to read this book" did not answer
   what it promissed. It it about "What you will find in this book"
   and "The motivation to write the book". Maybe rename it.

c) The next chapter is more like a personal story. Is it really
   necessary to understand the right way to contribute to 
   Free Software Initiatives? My suggestion: give a clear
   hint to skip that section, unless being interested in a 
   personal story.

d) Note that from looking at a certain piece of software
   its status of being "Open Source" or "Free Software" is the same.
   It is the motivation why use one of the two terms that differs.
   (Free Software is older and stressed the political and ethical aspects.
   Open Source is younger and stresses the "practical" aspects more.
   Actually from your chapter about your philosphy I'd say using
   "Free Software" as term would be closer to your personal take. ;)
Hope that feedback is somewhat useful!


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