Call for Free Software at Bits&Bäume22

Erik Albers eal at
Wed May 11 14:12:49 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

the Bits&Bäume Conference is a conference on the subject of digital 
sustainability and it took place in 2018 for the first and only time so far. 
This year however there will be the next edition of Bits&Bäume and this time 
the FSFE is part of its organising committe. We are only one of many 
organisations, but our goal is of course to have many interesting topics 
around Free Software in connection with digital sustainability.

You can find the call for participation here:
Registration deadline: June 7th

The text of the call for participation is quite long, but you will see that 
this is true because there are actually many different ways to participate. 
Lectures and workshops can be submitted, but also art and science, conceptual 
gatherings or other creative forms of activity. "Start-Ups" also have the 
opportunity to present themselves to a jury in a "Pitch and Thrive".

As you can see, the format is really very open to contributions and I would be 
very happy if we could see a lot of Free Software topics being covered on the 
different stages : )

And while I can't help you to get your submission through, I am happy to help 
if you have any questions or want feedback on whether your format might be of 
general interest or not. Feel free to ask me directly about it. And also feel 
free to distribute this mail further on any other list from that you think 
there are people who will be actually interested in it.

Questions and ideas of general interest could be for example
* Lectures on different dimensions of the sustainability of Free Software
   (technical, economical, social ...)
* Your favorite Free Software that contributes to sustainability
* A piece of hardware that you were able to give a new life to with the help
   of Free Software or extended usage time
* Increased resource efficiency of your computer through free software
* Organizational sustainability through the use of free software and Opener
* Sustainable knowledge management and and and

Best regards,

No one shall ever be forced to use non-free software
Erik Albers - Programme Manager Digital Sustainability
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

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