Is Matrix a good choice?

Dr. Trigon dr.trigon at
Wed Mar 16 14:31:39 UTC 2022

>Matrix, now, is a different story. My family and those friends I care about the
>most had no issues adopting Element. 

So XMPP basically lacks in a good cross-platform GUI like Element. That's a point I came across also.

>The article you linked raises some very worrying issues which I was not aware
>of; thank you for pointing them out. But, 

Your welcome! ;))

>I don’t much like the tone it is written in. For example (paraphrasing) “Matrix
>developers responded, but we didn’t even read that because we don’t care”.

I agree on this the tone is provoking and theatric, indeed.

>And third, I don’t think absolutes like “Matrix sends a lot of data” are the

What I was told in other places is Matrix uses a lot more of server ressources also because it shares / distributes a lot of user metadata between servers. May be something like 10 times as much ressources.

>best way to look at this. How does it compare to similar widely-used services
>like Signal and Telegram? How does it compare to an XMPP setup with similar
>functionality and user experience (I assume that such a thing is possible
>nowadays, it wasn’t when I last used it)? I think it would be useful to know
>where Matrix stands in the landscape of communication tools, and to see some
>path it could take to get to a more privacy-friendly position.

I agree that would be intressting indeed.

One point to make is about privacy. Basically it is not possible to setup any chat nowadays without at some point needing to thrust somebody else - except you host it yourself and for that you have to dedicate a serious amount of time and you have to really (really) know what you are doing.


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