Is Matrix a good choice?

Dr. Trigon dr.trigon at
Wed Mar 16 14:10:23 UTC 2022

Thanks for your reply.

>First of all, "may be very dubious" cannot be the foundation for a
>decision. Can you provide facts to support your doubts that take the

I agree. It should make you cautious and intressted in gathering more facts and information. Thats what I am after.

>did not discontinue XMPP at all [^1]. Teams can freely decide which

I like and apprechiate that. And it's part of the reason why I am intressed in discussing the facts and info with the people here.

>Free Software and offers additional value for our community, and

What is the additional value? (just curious)

>see defects or bad developments, but let us also try to fix these
>issues. If they are unsolvable, one should at least try to make the
>competing software solution (in this case XMPP, but also sysinit etc)

That is another good point. What facts would make you state "it is unsolvable"? To me the critics cited target the foundation of Matrix and from that I concluded even if it can be fixed it might be very costly and thus it's not worth the try. Just thinking aloud...

Thanks and Greetings

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