[FSFLA] LibreJam - FSF* should host a Libre Game development tournament!

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Sun Jan 9 19:11:25 UTC 2022

* Dennis Payne <dulsi at identicalsoftware.com> [2022-01-08 17:23]:
> On Fri, 2022-01-07 at 10:53 +0100, Ismael Luceno wrote:
> > People who value free software would publish their games as free
> > software... Why don't we have so many games then?
> We do have a lot of games. Obviously not as many as commercial games.
> They tend to steer towards procedural or acade games rather than
> complex story games. High quality graphics are less common but not
> unseen.
> https://trilarion.github.io/opensourcegames/statistics/index.html
> Lists 519 linux games at the moment. Some may not be completely free
> but a good chunk of them probably are. It has a backlog of games to add
> as well.

It is unclear what "open source" means, there are many "custom
licenses" and "other licenses".

> Most people developing games would love to make a living as game
> developers. However I disagree that most people developing games are
> motivated by it. We are usually motivated by a game we want to make. We
> might think it could make money but usually it is the desire for the
> game first.
> People join National Novel Writing Month for the same reason. They have
> an idea for a novel and want to write it. Some will pursue publishing
> it. Some will self publish perhaps even knowing it won't be a giant
> seller. Some will just give it away.

Great, keep it going.


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