LibreJam - FSF* should host a Libre Game development tournament!

Jean Louis bugs at
Wed Jan 5 05:56:01 UTC 2022

On January 5, 2022 5:06:26 AM UTC, Michael McMahon <michael at>

> If most game jam games ended up in standard repositories, there
>would be a negative effect on the entire ecosystem.  

Ecosystem is biology.

I am conducting experiments of various kinds every day, and measure outcomes, make hypothesis and verify its outcomes. Recommendation is same, if software is free and functions for playing, include it, and then see contributions coming or not coming. Make experiments instead of blocking public access to free games. 

> As gamers search 
>for free games to play, they would install these game jam games and
>a large number of low quality games.  After trying several duds, the 
>negative experience could turn them away from free software altogether 
>without context.  Every program does not need to be packaged.

It is hypothesis, though quite in contradiction to purpose of game jams as how you described it. Do you see contradictions?

Either you should keep the purpose of game jams or purpose of popularity by quality. Choose one.


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