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Thu Sep 30 07:40:17 UTC 2021

Hello Daniele,

* Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte [2021-09-29 12:35 +0200]:
> I am just curious about how many people will join.

We as well. It will heavily depend on how many people will help us to
spread the news about it to teenagers in that age range, to parents,
teachers, schools, coding clubs etc. 

> I mean I have some doubts about it for the participants age.

For us this is also new ground, but we want to see if we can make a
difference here. What you explained in your message is one of the main
reasons why we believe such an activity is necessary. In the long run we
want to get younger people more interested and engaged in Free Software,
thereby into working for a better society, and actively being involved
in shaping their future. 

I hope many of you can help to encourage teenagers to participate and
that when we tell the stories of the winners that will inspire more
teenagers in future to get involved in the software freedom movement. 

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