Mozilla: "We’re taking a break from Facebook"

Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at
Fri Sep 24 20:42:52 UTC 2021


I think the last few years showed that what once may have been a reasonable 
point of view (i.e. trying to be a voice of dissent) is not possible on a site 
that actively prevents their users from seeing those dissenting views.

> When will it be time to remove the FSFE page? Or is it the FSFE's
> contribution to make Facebook feel like a ghost town?

I don't believe that Facebook will ever feel like a ghost town as long as 
there is no exodus of a massive scale. And even then, the algorithms will do 
their best to give the last remaining users an illusion of an active social 

> When will it be time to remove the FSFE page?

Given Facebooks analytics capabilities I assume that this question does not 
need much guesswork. How many views does the site get? Are there any user 

If the FSFE feels that the numbers don't justify the possibly tarnishing effect 
of being on Facebook, we can delete the account and get a nice press release 
out of it...


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