Guides/Howtos about how to upstream a feature?

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at
Wed Sep 8 10:54:42 UTC 2021

Hi friends of Free Software,

just did a small search to see if there are guides out there that explain how 
to give a change to a Free Software product. Do you know good ones?

This would be about
 * Open a issue or discussion about the feature or fix.
 * Write up arguments (technical details, what users are interested in)
 * How to contribute code

It should be general (so not specific to a code hosting platform or a Free 
Software product or community) and if possible from a credible source (one 
where the potential conflicts of interest are known and one that works mainly 
by journalistic or scientific standards).

Here are few that were _not_ a good match for me:
  ( too mich on how to find anything to contribute to, no a specific one.)
  (too little on how to actually do it.)

   (comes from one platform github)

   (About writing defect reports.)
   (From the perspective of producing an FS product and building up a
    development community.)

Ideas, anybody?
(Links in German also welcome.)

Best Regards,
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