FSFE has no Freenode presence any more

Heiki Lõhmus repentinus at fsfe.org
Wed May 26 04:30:11 UTC 2021

Dear all,

After announcing our migration to Libera Chat
<https://fsfe.org/news/2021/news-20210525-01.en.html>, our channel was
taken over by network staff along with countless others. This means FSFE
has no presence on Freenode any more. #fsfe, ##fsfe, or any other
channel on the network is not affiliated with us. Cloaks of the form
fsfe/account_name or fsfe/function/account_name on Freenode should not
be trusted.

If you use IRC, please join us on Libera Chat in
<ircs://irc.libera.chat:6697/#fsfe>, where we remain in control of the
FSFE project (#fsfe, #fsfe-* channels should we need them in the future,
and fsfe/* cloaks).

Heiki Lõhmus
Vice President
Free Software Foundation Europe
xmpp:repentinus at fsfe.org
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