GNOME fndn. is actively violating the Freedom 3

Carsten Agger agger at
Tue May 11 08:23:21 UTC 2021

On 5/10/21 2:59 PM, Jacob Hrbek wrote:
> The freedom to /improve/ the program, and release your improvements 
> (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole 
> community benefits is being actively violated by GNOME foundation[2] 
> which is causing free software projects to die[1] while supporting the 
> spread of this harmful mentality to the whole open-source field[3].
As per your own references, this is not what was happening here.

The Bugzilla link shows that the GNOME developers rejected a patch - 
they are free to do so. Your right to release your improvements does not 
entail an obligation for upstream projects to accept them. Your right is 
to release them downstream, through your own channels. If the upstream 
project accepts the patch so much the better, but that's for them to 
decide. That's how free software has always worked.

As for the Stop Theming My App page, the people there don't demand legal 
protections or advocate license changes that would ban theming; they, as 
far I can see, *kindly request* that distribution packagers please not 
break their apps' UX.

You can agree or disagree with such a request, but it is in no way 
counter to the spirit of free software.


> Why is the FSF network not taking any action agains it?
> *Recommendation:* Publicly declare GNOME fndn. non-free developer so 
> that distros such as debian puts their software in `non-free` 
> directory and spread the word about these practices.
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