RCS a standard to supercede SMS and Threema?

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Tue Mar 30 08:07:47 UTC 2021

Am Dienstag 30 März 2021 08:34:37 schrieb Matthias Kirschner:
> Harald, Thank you for all your insights you shared with us. That was, as
> always, very helpful.

Same from me.

> - if it is operated within a network operators network it is subject to
> lawful interception in every country of the world; so there canˋt be
> E2E-encryption by design

Still it is claimed, this is why it would be interesting to know
if in how far this claim is true or not.

RCS is the most advanced "protocol" that I've heard of, to becoming a standard 
with end-to-end encryption for messenging, despite email. If it isn't RCS,
we are in search what could be (or how it could be conceived as society).


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