RCS a standard to supercede SMS and Threema?

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Tue Mar 30 06:34:37 UTC 2021

Harald, Thank you for all your insights you shared with us. That was, as
always, very helpful.

There were also some comments on Mastodon
https://mastodon.social/@kirschner/105971769095775615 by user Vondralbra

@kirschner I feel #RCS is a dead horse...
- if it is operated within a network operators network it is subject to lawful interception in every country of the world; so there canˋt be E2E-encryption by design
- if they might use the legal gap with OTT then there might be E2E-encryption but the messages pass Google servers and Google collects all the meta-data. No, thanks...
- the universal profile is the minimum set of features between all operators. Other messengers are far more advanced.

@kirschner If RCS would have been pushed by ALL network operators worldwide in 2012 and if there would have been a clear pricing model it could have succeeded. But nowadays, I don‘t believe in it anymore...

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