Is there a bank that is usable with a Google-free phone?

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Fri Mar 19 15:08:48 UTC 2021

Hi Jure,

Am Donnerstag 18 März 2021 20:37:23 schrieb Jure Varlec:
> First, am I the only one who was caught unawares by this situation? 

at least it did not hit me, as my bank can do business without app,
they offered a small photoTAN device and still allow mobileTAN
via SMS as second factor.

> Second, does anyone know a bank that is usable with Free Software only
> and will serve international customers?

It would be good to know in which country of residence you are.

Some general advise (which you probably have tried as well):
 * Some banks do not know which standard they are actually using,
   maybe some offer something a general app from can do.
 * The Auora Store app from can help to download
   apks from the play-store without account. This can be helpful
   in some cases.
 * Safety net maybe required by some apps (thought this does not
   make that much sense,
   can hide that a phone is rooted to try to get make that check
   (However that did not work last time I've tried.)


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