RCS a standard to supercede SMS and Threema?

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 18 11:16:59 UTC 2021

Hello friends of open standards,

did you know that 
is a standard that aims at replacing SMS,
now even with end-to-end encryption upcoming,
where quite a few carriers are supportive?

Open standards are good for Free Software and all users,
because it means there can be independent, interoperable implementations.
This is what many people would want, something that works with almost anyone.

After discovering this yesterday, I wondered, why didn't I hear about this 
before? It seems like a better technical approach, but all I read about 
mostly are proprietary messengers (and a few progessive ones with Free 
Software clients like Threema).

Does somebody know more?
  * Is this really an open standard (like we define it [1])
  * How good is the end-to-end crypto?
  * Why isn't Apple participating yet?
  * Can non-Google phones run it (Like /e/, LineageOS-MicroG or SailfishOS,

ps.: Does someone remember "co -l" "ci" with real rcs? >;)

[1] https://fsfe.org/freesoftware/standards/def.en.html

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