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W. Kosior koszko at
Mon Jun 21 11:07:05 UTC 2021


I am the Pole who had his struggle to graduate without nonfree software
during pandemic described on[1]. I am now having anonther
struggle - to find a free software job. Neither RMS nor local hackers
helped me. Having 30 B1 posters hanged around my city advertising free
software and my programming services[2] didn't do the trick either. So
I resort to writing to free software mailing lists (I was told people
sometimes advertise jobs there). Are you somehow able to help me with
this matter?

I think it's worth adding that if I end up going to a non-IT job it
shall be an opportunity for people to once again mock the Software
Freedom Movement 😕 And we don't want that, do we?

I described my qualifications in [3]. I hope it would be possible to
find some remote job or contracts since I don't want to have to leave

Wojtek Kosior

[2] (this is where my posters pointed to)

fingerprint: E972 7060 E3C5 637C 8A4F  4B42 4BC5 221C 5A79 FD1A
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